Mennonite Centre

Mennonite Centre Board, Molochansk

Oksana Bratchenko, Olga Rubel, Leanna Baranovskaya, Boris Letkeman, Marina Romanovna, Ada Shtanko,
Dave Regehr (visiting Canadian Director)
Absent from picture: Sergei Philipov, Dr. Irina Chernova

Oksana Bratchenko, Mennonite Centre Manager in Molochansk (formerly Halbstadt)

Oksana is our senior manager in Ukraine. She has worked at the Centre for six years, initially in a financial administrative role. In that capacity she has developed a very good understanding of the Ukrainian financial requirements. the process of presenting and approving projects, and the administration of specific programs such as the medical and the student financial support program. Under her direction we have developed a good working relationship with local banks, licensing agencies, schools, hospitals and local government. More and more of that work can now be done on lin. Oksana has three children, Katya, Dmitri and Anya.

Olga Rubel – Coordinator of Programs in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Olga is active in co-ordinating refugee assistance programs with many government, community and faith-based agencies, in Zaporizhzhia. Her husband Anatoly, is a engineer working for the city of Zaporizhzhia. She has been an interpreter for 19 years and has translated approximately 20 books. Olga has a keen interest in working with schools and medical clinics in the former Khortitza Mennonite villages. Olga and her husband have two adult sons, Andrew and Alex.