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Who we are
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Statement of Purpose

Friends of the Mennonite Centre in Ukraine will acquire and maintain a historic building in Molochansk as a vehicle of humanitarian services which are community-based, provided without discrimination, foster local initiative, and are sustainable, while interpreting and commemorating the Mennonite past.

Please also see our extensive Reference paper describing the history of our project

The Mennonite Centre in Ukraine is a registered humanitarian aid charity and social agency in eastern Ukraine. The Managing Director is Oksana Bratchenko with a Ukrainian Advisory Board.
Olga Rubel is Co-ordinator of Programs in  Zaporozhye

The Centre has been recognized regionally and nationally in Ukraine as a model social agency. It is in its fifteenth year of operation.

It is supported by Friends of the Mennonite Centre in Ukraine (FOMCU), a registered Canadian charity

There are about four hundred donor/member families in North America who comprise Friends of the Mennonite Centre in Ukraine (FOMCU).
Donors are automatically given member status.
How to contribute to this distinctive charity

We have a Board of Directors consisting of eight persons, from Ontario to British Columbia. Annual General Meetings are held in various Canadian cities.

The current chairperson is Ben Stobbe of Victoria, BC
Videos - Mennonite Centre celebrates 15 years - Oct 22, 2016 

The Mennonite Centre in Ukraine celebrated its tenth anniversary in Autumn, 2011 - see a video of the event

The organization has received federal charter status under the Canada Corporations Act.
The organization has received independant charitable tax status under Charities Canada
Our Ukrainian NGO is registered as a Ukrainian humanitarian entity
We work together with many organizations involved in medical, social and educational aid, including
MCC, Christian Medical Association of Ukraine, EMAS,
Mennonite Conferences in North America and Germany & their mission/witness agencies
Mennonite Congregations in Ukraine,
Embassy of Canada in Ukrain

We own an historic schoolhouse which has been restored to become a regional development centre
Mennonite Centre
We own an automobile and several apartments in this Halbstadt/Molochansk apartment block
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